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While cultural products are an undeniable driver of the economy, they also hold a special place within society by reinforcing our sense of belonging and promoting unity.

Source:  Hill Strategies, estimation of economic benefits of culture in Quebec and Ontario

The pandemic had a tsunami-like effect: 36% of Canadian companies in the entertainment, arts, and leisure sectors have seen their revenue drop by half or more in 2020—the worst result out of all economic sectors. And the aftereffects continue to be felt, with 41% of people working in performing arts considering a career change.

But the crisis also promoted innovation. Initiatives have proliferated, such as virtual visits to Quebec’s major museums, the live viewing of animals at Granby Zoo, and augmented reality and interactive quizzes from the Biodôme. Online art projects have also exploded: 82% of organizations in this sector have explored digital opportunities. It’s likely that in the future, entertainment will come in a hybrid form, shifting between physical and virtual attractions.

Source: Événements attractions Québec, Segma Québec survey, February 2021

Encourage local artists, and they’ll return the favour

The government has rushed to the aid of the cultural sector, with $214M allocated by 2026 to help its relaunch. But money won’t solve every problem: 35% of Quebecers are not attending any events, specifically due to lack of interest. How unfortunate that they’re depriving themselves, especially given that the cultural scene helps improve physical and mental health! So no more excuses! Mark your calendars: Summer is here and already proving to be festive with the return of Quebec’s most iconic events!

Live shows Comedy: The most popular genre in Quebec!

Attendance at different types of shows

Source: DAIGLE / SAIRE report for Groupe de travail sur la frequentation des arts de la scène (GTFAS), Étude des publics des arts de la scène au Québec, December 2020



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