Promote your content to your target audience through native advertising and generate performance

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Combine the reach of content and the power of native advertising

Premium location on all home pages and home pages of specific section of participating web sites

Unique and distinctive design reproducing the editorial tiles of the sites on which native advertising appears

Advanced targeting capabilities on our environments with superior audiences

A unique format in an integrated universe

Activate the native tile in 3 ways:

  1. Promotion of promotional content hosted on Hublo
  2. Promotion of co-branded content
  3. Promotion of content hosted on your website

Large-scale automation and targeting capabilities

Access the reach of our premium inventory through programmatic or by opting for direct campaigns.

Convert your target and exceed your goals


higher average click through rate than a standard banner format


Average impressions per month on our websites for native ads

Contact our experts to promote your content on our sites with the native tile.

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