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The summits of the Himalayas visible from major Indian cities, dolphins swimming in the Cagliari cruise port in Venice . . . Against expectations, the pandemic came like a breath of fresh air all around the world.

In Quebec, successive lockdowns have given a lot of people time to think. Marketers be warned: a new type of Quebecer is emerging from the pandemic, one who is interested in consumption that is sensible and engaged with social issues. Many environmentally focused purchase behaviours have increased in the province, including the purchase of seasonal products (41% of Quebecers), local and organic products (41%), bulk items (18%), etc.

This renewed intellectual attitude should now be something to consider for your brands, which must reflect this evolution in order to resonate with consumers.

A general trend that affects a number of everyday considerations :

Source: Survey by the Observatoire de la consommation responsable de l’UQÀM by MBA Recherche in 2020. Survey of 1,000 Quebec web users aged 18 and over.


Now that things are getting back to normal, there’s a general desire to take advantage of life’s little pleasures, make up for lost time . . . and consume! Thus, as socializing venues reopen their doors, over 50% of Canadians intend to refresh their wardrobe and 25% of 18- to 34-year-olds intend to exclusively wear new clothes. Many are comparing the post-pandemic era to a return, 100 years later, to the roaring twenties!

The roaring twenties with an ecological bend? To be continued!



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